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Marco in 2L has been extremely busy making his own rocket.  Well done Marco.  This is amazing!

Francesca has been working really hard and has produced some amazing work.  Well done!

Wow Bence, you have been working so hard.  This work is absolutely amazing.  Well done!

Rebeka has been working hard at home.  Well done!  These pictures are lovely.

What a lovely selection of activities you have been doing Jacob.  Well done!

Alfie has been working hard on some Science work.  I love this!

More fabulous pictures from Rebeka.  What a busy girl you have been!

Dilara has been working really hard.  Well done!

Zoe has produced some lovely work and been working really hard in all areas.  Well done Zoe!

Well done to Alex for working so hard on lots of different activities. 

Sophia from 2L has been working so hard on her project.  I absoloutely love these!  Keep up this amazing work.

Aoibheann from 2L has produced some lovely English work and also she is keeping fit and healthy with her daily Yoga sessions.  

Hank has been very busy making some fabulous creations.  Well done!

James has been very busy! What a fantastic map and beautiful ice eggs! Well done James.

More amazing work from Marco - 2L

Dilara from 2L has been busy again.  Well done!

Bence from 2L has been very hard.  Here is some of his great work.

Katie from 2L has been doing some great work at home.  Well done Katie!

Marco from 2L has produced some lovely work this week!

 Rebeka from 2L has been working hard and enjoying some baking and outdoor activities.

Jacob from 2L has also produced so lovely work!

Jacob from 2L has created his very own soundscape on oceans.  Click on the link to hear it.  This is amazing Jacob!  Well done!



Ellie Smith from 2E has been hard at work! Well done Ellie.

Poppy has been completing lots of activities including growing her own fruit and vegetables. Well done!

Poppy has also been busy creating a film all about garden birds. Have a look at it here:


Scott has been having fun while learning at home, well done Scott!

Freddie has been working hard at home. Well done Freddie!

Isabelle from 2E has been working very hard at home. Well done Isabelle! She has also created a great positivity poster!

Sophia from 2L has created some lovely work this week.  Well done!

Well done Aoibheann.  This is lovely!

Jacob from 2L has created a lovely pattern.  Well done Jacob!

George has been busy at home with his writing and maths - well done!

Fantastic work from Sophia in 2L.  Well done! This is amazing!


Katie from 2L has been rectiing poetry.  What a lovely song Katie!  I  really enjoyed listening to it.



Bella has completed some excellent shape work. Well done!

Some lovely letters and writing fro Zoe from 2L.

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