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Wow! Take a look below at some of the fantastic examples of work Lilia in 6G has been producing at home:

Look at all the wonderful activites and work Mia in 6O has been doing at home. Fantastic effort Mia! 

Louis in 6O has been very busy too. Keep up the hard work! Brilliant!

Ewan in 6O has been very busy at home aswell. Look at some of the examples of activities here. There's definitely a hot tub theme starting in Year 6. Great job, Ewan!

May in 6G has been busy writing her Harry Potter themed 'howler' and designing her own t--shirt for Earth Day. Just look at that concentration...well done May!


Oliver in 6O has been busy baking Egyptian flatbread (they look very tasty), completing Maths work and researching information about the Egyptians. He has also been running and  practising his football skills in the garden with his brother. Brilliant work, Oliver!

Ewan in 6O has been creative today producing a banner to celebrate St George's Day. He even put on his scout uniform when posing for a photo. He has put the banner in his window for everyone to see.  Welldone Ewan!

Lilly in 6O has been busy over the last few days researching our new History topic on the Egyptians. Hasn't she done a fantastic job! Well done Lilly!

Harley in 6O has been doing a variety of different activities over the last few weeks. He also celebrated his 11th birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Harley, from eveyone at Newton x

Dean in 6G has been busy this week dyeing his hair blue to help raise money for our wonderful NHS! So far he has managed to raise an impressive £365.  Absolutely fantastic Dean, well done!

Joe in 6O has been very busy researching the Egyptians and producing some fantastic work to share what he has learnt. He's even been busy writing some short stories. I can't wait to read them. Brilliant job, Joe!

Isaac in 6G has spent time researching Egyptian gods and then using this information to create his own ancient script.  So neat and informative... great job Isaac!

isaac work

Looks like Lilia in 6G has been keeping very busy the last few weeks! From cooking, to bike rides, to home learning and preparing for VE day. She's even had her very own festival at home! I wish I had you to do my cooking for me!

Tom in 6G has been busy doing lots of home learning about the Egyptians as well as learning all about electricity with his grandad.  Below are some pictures of his hieroglyph work as well as the cakes he has been baking (which look delicious!) ... it's a shame we can't do a taste test!

Harley in 6O has been busy preparing for the VE day celebrations by baking cakes and colouring bunting. The cakes look absolutely delicious. I bet they didn't last very long! Well done Harley!

Lovely to see May in 6G keeping active playing some tennis with her brother and also working hard on her maths work. Keep up the good work May!

Obby in 6O didn't have the best of starts to lockdown as he broke his arm. It didn't stop him producing some fantastic film reviews and a lego toilet roll despenser. Brilliant job, Obby!


Ewan in 6O loved the science lesson this week and couldn't wait to try out the experiment to discover if the centrifugal force worked! He also completed some Egyptian Art work too. Welldone Ewan!

IMG_8425 (2).movIMG_8470

Dean in 6G has been busy this week doing some research about Tutankhamun for our topic on Ancient Egypt.  Keep up the great work!

DEean egyptians

Harley in 6O is still working really hard after all these weeks on lockdown. Great job Harley!

Oliver, in 6O has been very busy doing the Science experiments we set. Brilliant job, Oliver!

Joe in 6G has been busy completing his history work this week, with a little help from his friend!  I think we'd all be more motivated with our work if we had Bear to help us!


Ewan, in 6O, has been busy playing the piano. Can you guess what he's playing?

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