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We hope that you are all happy and healthy and continuing your learning at home!

We are really missing being with you all each day but we are still thinking about you and planning for your continual learning at home during the school closure period.

Below are some examples of the amazing work you have been getting up to.


Well done Ben in 5W for this impressive piece of work on the Monarch butterfly. smiley


Joe from 5M has produced this fantastic non-chronological report looking at the North American Raccoon. Keep up the good work Joe. yes

Sylvia in 5W has worked extremely hard to produce this amazing work on Skimbleshanks. Keep up the hard work Sylvia you are doing an amazing job. smiley

Lili in 5W has been working very hard on a wide variety of different activities over the last few weeks. Keep up the hard work Lili you have done a brilliant job. yes

What great fun Sylvia in 5W has had working on today's air resistance science activity. You have really captured the flight of the parachute Sylvia. Amazing work! 

Niamh in 5M has been working really hard on her home learning tasks. The air resistance experiment looks like great fun. Keep up the excellent work Niamh.

Elin from 5M has been very busy working hard at home too. Hasn't she done an amazing job! Keep up the hard work Elin. 

Have a look at some of the great work Ayla in 5M has been producing at home. Keep up the good work Ayla you are doing a great job. yes

Sylvia in 5W enjoyed her air resistance experiment so much that she took her research further by comparing air resistance and weight on the moon (where there is no air resistance and gravity is weaker) with that on Earth. She even calculated her weight, in Newtons, on different planets. Also included is Sylvia's research and art work on the Ancient Greeks. What a superstar! 

Alex in 5M has been working hard at home on his home learning tasks. What an impressively presented Ancient Greek timeline Alex! Keep up the great work.

Aryan in 5W has enjoyed working on his home learning tasks and has produced some fabulous work. Keep up the hard work Aryan! 

More excellent work from Lili in 5W. Well done Lili you are doing a fantastic job!


Thank you so much to Lili in 5W for cheering me up with this amazing hedgehog picture. What a fabulous little artist you are! 

What an impressive poem Daniel from 5M has produced. He also enjoyed working on his science water resistance investigation. Keep up the great work Daniel.


Joe in 5M and his sister Georgia enjoyed VE Day on Friday. Don't they look amazing! yes

More amazing work from Elin in 5M. She has been working very hard and even managed to find some time to have fun on the trampoline with her brother. laugh

Ben in 5W enjoyed showing off his impressive hula hoop skills at his VE Day street party on Friday!  He also enjoyed working scientifically on today's forces and motion ball rolling experiment. Keep up the great work Ben. 

More excellent work from Aryan in 5W who really enjoyed writing and performing his poems as well as his science investigation with the help of his little brother! He also celebrated VE day with his family in the glorious sunshine. Keep up the great work Aryan.


Alex in 5W has created this great double page spread of information on Ancient Greece. Well done Alex.  yes

More great science work from Sylvia in 5W who has also been hard at work researching the experiences of a VE Day veteran as well as writing a poem about her favourite place. She even found the time to bake VE day cakes with her mum. Don't they look delicious! What a shame I haven't had the opportunity to taste one cryingKeep going Sylvia. You are doing a great job. 

More super work from Lili in 5W who is working extremely hard on her home learning tasks. I'm impressed with the Scratch coding work Lili. What a superstar you are!

Anna in 5W has has been working extremely hard on her home learning tasks. She has enjoyed practising her spellings so much that Spelling Shed has become her new favourite computer game to play. In addition to all her school work, Anna has improved her cooking skills by preparing a healthy lunch, baking cakes and pizzas and even a jelly! I'm very impressed Anna, keep up the amazing work.


Jamie in 5W was inspired by the books and authors he experienced in class so he has used his time to catch up on his reading. There's nothing better than losing yourself in a good book Jamie! Keep up the great work.

More great work from Ayran in 5W who is particularly enjoying his Scratch coding tasks. What a superstar!




An amazing Rube Goldberg inspired invention showing forces in action from Ben in 5W. This is wonderful Ben, well done!



Oliver in 5W was also inspired by yesterday's science activity and has flexed his STEM muscles to produce this amazing Rube Goldberg machine to switch on the standard lamp. Fantastic work Oliver. Well done!


Another impressive Rube Goldberg machine this time by Sylvia in 5W. She enjoyed using IMovie to video and edit her creation so much that she is now keen to make more videos. Brilliant job Sylvia!


What an impressive presentation on Ancient Greece by Sylvia in 5W. You are a superstar Sylvia!

Sylvia in 5W has worked on her very own bird project at home. She has spent a great deal of time researching the birds that she has seen in her garden at home and those that she spotted on her daily walks. She has been practising her drawing skills too! I'm sure that you will be as impressed as I am at the effort Sylvia is putting into her home learning.



Sylvia enjoyed videoing her Rube Goldberg creation so much that she has produced this stop motion animation about the London Blitz. Look out Steven Spielberg!


Meredith in 5W has used 'The Streets of London' as a stimulus to write this moving poem linked to current events in the news. What an impressive piece of work Meredith!


Excellent topic work from Elin in 5M who has also spent time researching the life cycle of a ladybird and presented it beautifully. Keep up the amazing work Elin. You are doing a great job.


More great work from Elin in 5M who continues to work very hard on her home learning tasks. She has also done some cooking in addition to her timetabled work. What a superstar you are Elin!





William in 5W has created this great fact file about the Greek God Zeus. Very impressive William.


Izzie in 5W has created this fabulous lego stop motion animation. Defintely a future video editor in the making. Well done Izzie.


Sylvia in 5W has really excelled with her Science work this week. She examined soil samples under a pocket microscope and enjoyed testing the PH level of the soil. She analysed ink samples using chromatography and also extracted DNA from strawberries. I think we have a future CSI Investigator in the making! I'm also very impressed with your word class poster Sylvia. Wow!

What an incredible amount of reading Megan in 5W has been doing at home! She has also been working hard on all her home learning tasks as well as teaching her dog Ava some cool new tricks. Keep up the amazing work Megan.


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