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Able, Gifted and Talented


Pictured about are our KS2 pupils participating in a poetry workshop with the well known author Wes Magee.

Provision at Newton Primary School

We provide opportunities for the most able pupils (the gifted and talented) to work at an appropriate level and pace, in order to realise their potential. We support the development of the whole child, whilst valuing and celebrating all the special abilities displayed by all children. However, we believe that some children have special abilities and talents and that nurturing these is our responsibility. Our Gifted & Talented Coordinator therefore has special responsibility for co-ordinating identification and provision for our most able children:


We aim to:

  • Recognise and support the abilities, personal qualities and talents of all pupils.
  • Promote a sense of enjoyment and excitement in learning and a culture of high expectation for all pupils.
  • Provide challenge for all, including the most able, employing a range of teaching methods which encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Develop a recognition and awareness of able pupils and their individual strengths.
  • Ensure that all teachers share responsibility for the monitoring of pupils, including the most able.
  • Recognise under-achievement and seek to remove any barriers to learning.
  • Provide opportunities for all pupils to develop their strengths through high quality extra-curricular activities and curriculum enrichment, including specific provision for able pupils.
  • Consider the personal, social and emotional needs of all pupils, including those of our most able.
  • Work in partnership with parents to maximise the opportunities for pupils’ to reach their potential.
  • Celebrate the achievements of all pupils.
  • Use national standards to regularly review our provision for the more able.

Exciting new opportunities!

During the year, we will be hosting a range of workshops for our more able pupils which will cover writing and maths.  These will be run by leading experts including mathematics specialists and published writers and poets.  Parents will be infomed of their child's participation before the event. Some of the events include:

10th October 2017 - Y3/4 More able writing workshop (Y3/4 children pictured showing off their work with an author).

15th November 2017 - Y5/6 More able maths workshop

30th January 2018-Y3/4 More able maths workshop

Spring term 2018 interventions for selcted children in every class for writing

7th March 2018-Y5 Literacy Challenge at Upton High

13th March 2018-Y5 Numeracy Challenge at Upton High

21st March 2018 - Y5/6 More able writing workshop with Nick Toczek

21st March 2018-Y5 Bake Off Challenge at Upton High

4th June 2018-Y5 Performing Arts Workshop at Upton High

20th June 2018-KS1 More able wriitng workshop

Children will be selected to participate in Challenge Days at Upton High School throughut the spring and summer terms 2018. Weekend workshops are also run by Calday/University of Chester and children are offered places.



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